We’re rooted in technology.

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At Bluetree Technology Consulting we’re driven to help businesses build a successful online presence and shape a brand that stands out from the competition.  We pride ourselves on creating modern design and implementing innovative marketing techniques geared specifically to your needs. Our experts will guide you in making informed, cost-effective decisions using data, analytics and business intelligence.

Website Design

Creating stunning, customized websites to showcase your company's best assets

Web Development

Providing customized web development services for any type of business or industry

SEO Optimization

Driving traffic to your website while maximizing your ROI through SEO optimization

Graphic Design

Effectively communicating
your unique brand through innovative design

Pay Per Click

Increasing your company's exposure through successful online marketing campaigns

Mobile Marketing

Maximizing the effectiveness of your product through mobile marketing

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At Bluetree Technology Consulting your business is our business.  We help companies optimize their technology, ensure that their brand is consistent
across all platforms and media, and use data and analytics to drive clients
to their business.

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We'll meet with you to determine your needs and find out the type of technology and media you're presently using. We'll look to where you've had past successes and also at campaigns that may not have been as successful, or ones that didn't return optimum value in your investment. We'll then complete an online assessment to review your current online and social media presence, provide you with an overall heath score and make recommendations on how to make improvements.


Once we have an inventory of your online presence, we'll ensure that data collection and analytics are functioning on all of your online resources.


Depending on your needs, we can do anything from updating an existing website to completely redesigning and rebranding your entire company. We'll start by creating a draft version of the website and work with you until we have it exactly where you want it.


When you're satisfied with the new design and updates, it's time to go live.


The real value begins once the site is launched. We'll continue to analyze the traffic to your website to determine what type of customers you're attracting. We'll ensure they meet your target demographic and that you're seeing growth in the number of visitors.


We're not just a one-trick pony! Once we've mastered your online presence and customers are rolling in, we can also provide value and cost savings in your back office and other areas, including infrastructure and leveraging work loads in the cloud;
communications, including email hosting, telephony and voip, smartphone contract
negotiating, web and video conferencing; print and copy analysis; business process automation.